Thursday, December 9, 2010

The 12 Days of Christmas

The theme of the past few days for me has without a doubt been seasonal! Not only is it cold outside but everywhere I go I see holiday items out on display, commercials for gifts, cooking shows for holiday recipes and foods, Christmas trees in our neighbors windows, my co-workers asking me if I’ve finished my holiday shopping, FYI: I have not even started and all the other little details that remind me so much of the holiday season!
Yesterday I went to Starbucks for my daily Grande peppermint hot chocolate with whip and chocolate shavings, yes I did just say that! This delightful concoction is my all time favorite winter drink because both the hot coco and the peppermint remind me of my childhood so just imagine them combined together to create a hot, sweet, savory mouthful of wintertime bliss! While I there the barista offered me this cute coffee mug for 40% off as part of their 12 Days of Christmas sale. For a split second I almost purchased it but instead resisted and said “My husband would kill me if I came home with one more coffee cup.” But since this sale is going on for the next 12 days, I feel confident that I will get to purchase something from this holiday sale.
Since I’m a big fan of the Food Network channel I watch it very regularly, mainly to get ideas for new meals and to pick up on some additional cooking and kitchen tips. I’ve notices that they have been airing many Christmas themed shows with some great ideas for Christmas dishes to get viewers in the seasonal mood and believe me I have been diligently talking notes on many of those recipes for our Christmas dinner.
At work, we put up all our Christmas decorations and really got into the holiday feel with a gift exchange and potluck lunch as well as an evening holiday reception (none of which I will be attending). Also every year we do a holiday food drive for the homeless shelters to help those who don’t have the money to make their own Christmas dinner so I decided to raid our kitchen cupboards and make a donation. 
Last night I called my mom and seems that some of my family members have caught some sort of winter flu, of course what’s the holiday season without someone getting sick!
So with all this Christmas cheer going on around me, I’m hoping that this year will bring a wonderful holiday! Fa La La…

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

What Could Be Worse?

Have you ever known someone who irks you to your very core and no matter what you do, you can’t seem to figure out why you remain friends with this person? I have, in fact I have someone in my life right now that fits this very profile. The trouble is I have no idea how to change the relationship with this person so that it works to benefit both of us, believe me I have tried all avenues to no avail. What I mean by “benefit” is keeping the relationship on happy grounds at all times, or most times.  For my part, this requires a lot of compromising and holding back my opinions and to be honest it’s exhausting to say the least. On the occasions that I do speak out it irrupts into heated arguments where no doubt I’m painted out to be the worst person who has ever walked the plant so to avoid this I try to keep my thoughts to myself and attempt to just get along with this particular individual.

So how do you deal with a person like this? What if this person is your family member, your spouse or parent … What then? I don’t have any real suggestions because I’m still trying to figure it out myself. I can say that sometimes, even with loved ones we have to take what they say as a grain of salt, let them say what they want and even if it hurts let it go, like dust in the wind… I have learned that people like this will never change, they will never consider themselves as being wrong and even if you attempt to prove to them that they are, they are so delusional that they won’t get it. 

In communicating with this kind of personality what I try to keep in mind that I’m dealing with someone who for the most part is egotistical, delusional and possibly lacking certain emotions that normal people have.  Knowing this can help get me through these situations and if that doesn’t work, sometimes I just hum a little song in my head while they talk, tone them out and let them ramble on, believe me they will have no clue because they are not really focused on you but on what they are saying.

Uggh the people we deal with on a daily basis!

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