Thursday, June 30, 2011

Outfit Of The Day: Summer Breeze

Outfit Of The Day: Summer Breeze

Good morning lovelies!

So today’s outfit is an easy-peasy summer chic look! It’s very casual yet adorably cute!! I’ve received tons of complements on it and it’s only about 9:45!!
The dress is a flowing summer sundress with pink and tan floral print on the bottom half that I tossed a neutral cardigan over to  give it a bit more of an office acceptable feel!
The shoes perfectly match the floral pattern of the dress with a pink and tan flower on the toe area of the shoe and I put on a tan belt to add a bit if class!

My entire outfit came up to &170.00, yes that’s a lot but the shoes were $118.00 alone!

Dress: H&M $35.00
Cardigan: Target- $15.00
Shoes: Nordstrom’s- $118.00
Belt: Free! Well sorta, it came with a top I purchased a few months back.

Grand total: &168.00

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Outfit Of The Day: Leopard Print...

Outfit Of The Day:

Happy Wednesday!! So I recently became a member of a new service that allows me to create outfits so I have decided that I will post an outfit similar to what I am wearing each day. Today in my leopard print, I figure it's Wednesday so why not let the wild side of me show!! My outfit cost a total of about $100.00 which to me is a pretty good deal!

Shoes: leopard print – Nine West on sale at Marshall’s ($39.00)
Skirt: White - JC Penny weekend sale ($25.00)
Top: Leopard print – New York & Co. Found on the clearance rack (29.00)
Grand total - $93.00

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Monday, June 27, 2011

When Life Gives You Lemons.... Squeeze Them In Someone Else’s Eyes!

Dear Readers,

I’m dealing with some personal issues right now and have not had the chance to blog in a few days…. Well let’s be honest maybe more like a week but I hate to leave you all hanging so I promise I will try to get something posted within a day or so…

Please wish me the best in my misadventures in life and I hope to get things straightened out soon. 

Until then….

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Midsummer’s Night:

June 21-22 is traditionally Midsummer linked to the summer solstice, the stars and the rotation of the sun in relation to the earth. So I started thinking about the whole idea and concept behind a Midsummer’s Night Dream by William Shakespeare and its all about twisted and tangled love. One person is set to marry someone else but that person is not in love with them but is instead is in love with a completely different person… Oy Vey, it’s complicated but got me to thinking about love and all that comes into play with relationships and what I like to call “coupledom”…  Could Midsummer really be true, can our hearts be affected by the stars and moon? Who really knows?

But all of this gave me a spectacular idea! Why not create your own Midsummer’s Night Dream in a park or better yet in your own backyard and see what transpires between the players! Since Midsummer brings shortened days and fewer hours of sunlight this will be perfect for an evening picnic event. Use tea lights (candles) or Chinese lanterns to help set the scene. As for food, I’d suggest delicate meals like finger sandwiches, summer salads, pink champagne, and petit fours deserts with an added touch of flowers.  Make sure there is plenty of seating such as scattered pillows and small throw rugs and for an added bonus, toss some de-stemmed flowers all around.
You’re now ready for your misadventure in love! 

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