Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Blog-Linking Our Way To The Top...

I’m pretty excited to announce that my site has been featured and linked to 2 other sites! For me and the rest of the CG staff this is great news and I wanted to give a big shout out to these sites because they deserve it and we’re all here for the same propose and with the same goal in mind. We just happen to be taking different routes to get there! So without further ado:

The first site that linked us was The Budget Fashionista - listed under her top fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogs

The second blog that has featured my site is Daisy Mae PR – listed in the Daisy Daily

I’m very happy to have these wonderful sites who realize that publicity in any form helps any business and/or site!
All our staff here is working hard to make a mark in the writing world and when The Budget Fashionista and Daisy Mae PR step in and do something this terrific, it defiantly puts smiles on all our faces!

A big “THANK YOU” from the staff at City Girl Chronicles!!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Strolling Through New York Via The Web...

Ahhh...I can breath a sigh of relief as I post my second and hopefully final story for today (though I have a sinking feeling, it just might not be). In total, I have spent about 5 hours, wait maybe it was more like 7 hours (a few last night and a few more this morning) reviewing and researching for my latest stories, (E.D.E.'s of NYC and Hot Off The Press with A. Blum) Both stories showcase designers/artists based in NYC. 

After I posted each story, I took the time to contact both E.D.E's Ellen Eichel and Eros film writer Andrew Blum to inform them that I had ran an article on my site covering their work. The best part in my opinion was that both actually took the time to reply back and thank me! What does it say about our society when we are surprised that people thank us for things we've done? I'm very proud of my stories and believe that both Ellen and Andrew deserved the mentions for their wonderful work.

I have a few more interviews and designer coverage scheduled for later this month and I'm so looking forward to it, if not only to meet/speak with the designers themselves but to learn more about their products. Yeah, I’d classify myself as an information “whore” or does "junky" sound any better? IDK, anyway, I lap info up like a kitten drinks fresh milk! I also like to be an individual and want to stand out in the writing industry, anyone can write about Betsy Johnson’s latest handbag but how many people are featuring E.D.E. on their site or covering a film festival and the film writes inspiration? Hmmmm...  can only think of one!!
Okay, break time! I need some chocolate reinforcements!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

My Passion For Writing...

Hey all, its been a few days since I last posted a blog but you can see from the site that I have been super busy updating the content so that's pretty much taking up all my blogging time! Anyway, yesterday I wrote this in an email and then decided that it was actually blogworthy so I'm making it my new blog!
I love writing, always have and I take it very seriously and have a great passion for it. I'm always thinking of new ideas and taking notes, I carry a journal around to jot down all my random thoughts/ideas and topics. I tell everyone I can about the site and ask for their opinions, I read fashion/beauty magazines and go to similar sites to get ideas. I'm in the bookstore in my free time and hitting up the malls with my camera to get ideas on the latest trends and hottest new gadgets out there. I made 200 business cards in Vista prints for about $6 bucks, the cards say I'm a writer for CG Chronicles and I take them with me when I go out.  I've actually gotten free products from some stores and founds it's easier to interview people because with business cards you really do look like a legit writer ... This might all seem crazy to you but I think that people who love to write have a mind-set like this.  I know the site isn't a huge deal and we're not talking about rocket science but I've always been an opportunist and I look at every situation as a stepping stone to get me somewhere else in life, somewhere better. I know that eventually I want to be a professional writer but I have to start somewhere and that's why I built the site.

Yes, this is all true, I'm a writing fanatic! I love it and sometimes wake up out of my sleep with crazy ideas and then their gone before I had time to write them down, I hate that the most but hey, what can you do?

Monday, October 11, 2010

Note To Our Readers

Note To Our Readers:
I wanted to address a few things with our readers. First and foremost, thank you for taking the time to stop by and check us out, we love you all for that! Our site is fairly new (just went live about 2 weeks ago) and all the staff is working very hard to get more content added as quickly as possible so bear with us in this process.
Secondly, though we are called City Girl Chronicles, we are in no way trying to exclude the male demographics; quite the opposite in fact, we would love to hear from the men and there is always room for new writers on our staff (check out the Join Our Staff link). It just so happens that at the moment all the staff is female! 
Lastly, each CG Chronicle writer is here to make a name and showcase their work, we are not professional writers but we DO love to write and enjoy what we do.  Keep in mind that each individual writer is writing, researching, editing, and promoting their own work, therefore mistakes are bound to be made.  Again please bear with us and by all means, if you see minor mistakes, leave a comment and we would be happy to correct it (check out the Guest book or Contact Us link to leave a comment).

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Welcoming The Newbies!!!

Well, the staff is growing and I'm proud to welcome all of our staff writes (check out their bios under the Staff Writers Tab)! I think the site is doing great, I have an interview lined up for later this month and I'm getting a lot of positive feedback from people stopping by to check out the site and what not...
I received a random email today from an independent designer wondering if I'd do a piece in one of her items that she's currently promoting! Yeah, why not, we're all in this game for the same reason right! Oh and Abby posted a new column today so check that out in Ask Abby it’s pretty good! (You go girl!)

So, I think I might take a quick break from CG for an hour or so and catch up on some personal stuff...

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Promoting & All That Good Stuff...

So I've spent the day promoting my site and posting articles, researching, tweeting and getting down to CG business! I just got home and checked my mailbox and to my disbelief, none of the people I had contacted bothered to reply back...
UGGH, are you serious!
Then right as I was about to log out noticed my junk mail box had a bit of mail. My normal reaction, to delete the whole lot of them, but I decided to skim through and to my amazement, I got a reply back from The Budget Fashionista! (Thank you!)
She is now going to list my site on hers in order to help me drive in more traffic!!! So I wanted to shout out her site (which is also listed in my links area) So again, here's a big THANK YOU!!

Back to work!!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Introductions Are In Order:

The City Girl Chronicles is written by women/girls from major cities all over, for the masses (by us, for you). We aim to personally connect to our readers by covering a wide array of topics from Entertainment, Fashion, Fitness & Health, Dieting, food, sex, and of course Hollywood’s latest gossip. Each CG writer reports on different topics and since our staff contains members from many different locations we will include local and international news delivered straight from the heart of that particular city!
What makes CG Chronicles stand out from other online news blogs, and feeds is that our writers speak their minds and state the facts as they are! We are a no fuss, no nonsense and defiantly no sugar coating team of reporters here to give it to you raw!
Check out our site, sign the guess book and if you don’t see something you feel is buzz worthy, drop us a line! The staff at CG Chronicles looks forward to providing you the best stories and news coverage possible!

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