Project: Do Me!

A few days ago I added this tab and planned to update when time permitted. Fortunately that time seems to have arrived so here goes:

What is Project Do Me?

It was created by Travel Babbles back on Jan. 24th (check out her blog, its’ packed full of cool postings and ideas)! Basically you take a week (preferably) to figure out some goals that are realistic, yes I’d love to climb Mt. Everest but come on, let’s get real here!!

I digress, the main goal is to find out what will help you in your quest for happiness and then set up some goals to help you get there. Ultimately you are asking yourself "What you can do every day, every week, every month and ultimately by the end of this year to invest in YOU and your own happiness and well being”

So I have to come up with some happiness goals that I can achieve on a:
  • ·         Daily Basis
  • ·         Weekly Basis
  • ·         Monthly Basis
  • ·         Yearly Basis

So I’ve took some time, a bit more than a week and came up with this list.

Read at least 1 chapter in my current book of choice.
Read at least 2-5 pages in the Bible a day
Eat healthier/eat smaller meals
Pay myself a compliment and mean it!
Have a more positive outlook on things
Be okay with myself and give a crap less if others aren’t!
Be my own biggest fan
Learn to just walk away and that having the last word doesn’t always matter

Work out at least twice a week (even if it’s just taking my dog for a long walk)
Find one thing that made my week great (preferable this will be done on Friday)
Try to see things from another person’s perspective and be more understanding
Get off schedule and don’t freak out about it (it’s good to note that I’m very schedule orientated and hate, HATE being late for anything)
Get on a weekly budget I order to save for something special (like a new car)
Push my own buttons so their too worn out for others to have a shot at

Give myself at least one treat a month (like a new pair of shoes or indulge in a yummy dinner)
Get along with those annoying girls I work with even if it means “grin and bear it” (hey, it’s only once a month)
Realize that no one’s perfect and smile when I make a mistake, as long as it’s not life threatening!!
Spend at least one day doing nothing including sleeping in (again with the whole time thing)  
Spend at least one day reading, researching and learning (outside of school work)
Challenge myself to try something new once a month and stick to it!

Work on finishing up school
Consider the possibility of having a child… (I have fears about this so I think it will be good to at least consider)
Focus on what I want in life, not what others want from me or of me…

So that’s it for now but I will continue thinking of other ways to achieve inner happiness and update this list regularly. Also I’m going to keep my blog updated on the progress I make as I go along. 

Stay tuned!


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