Thursday, July 28, 2011

Be Stronger Today Than Yesterday...

Yesterday I was talking to a girl I’ve known for years, we work for the same company and over the last few months she and I have build a pretty good friendship, but back to the point of my story, she recently left a long relationship and has been venting a lot to me a lot. I’m trying to offer the best advice I can because  she’s dealing with a lot but one thing that has come out of all of this is how grateful I am to be married to such a wonderful man!  It’s so difficult out there for single people trying to find the right person! I can tell just by listening to her!

So back to my point, relationships are hard and after listening for months to my friend vent, I have come to this conclusion and I think she has as well. (BTW: you kinda need to know the back story: she was cheated on and found out on Valentine’s Day)  

Being in love is great and if you’re lucky enough to find your true love (like me, sorry don’t mean to brag but its true) then that’s great. But if not and you get stuck with someone who doesn’t care about you then what you will one day realize is that it’s no big lose to you, you lived and you loved and it didn’t work out, that person wasn’t worth your time in the first place and rather you realize it today or next year, you’re a better and stronger person because of everything that has happened!

In this last few months that my friend has gone through all this heartache she has transformed and is doing so much better! I can tell by talking to her and listening to her and seeing her that she has grown and is still growing and I love this so much, she didn’t let it get the best of her! I'm all about girl power and being strong and I look at her with a great respect because of how she handled this situation!

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Monday, July 25, 2011

Happy Birthday To Me... Well Yesterday

So yesterday was my 30th birthday and I know this is an exaggeration but 30’s such a big number especially for someone just exiting their 20's so all day I kept waiting for some explosion, for a body part to fall off or to feel so memajor change but nothing happened. It was a typical day which was really all I wanted, a quiet relaxing none eventful Sunday! I read about 100 or so more pages of The Castaways’ which by the way I love, watched a few movies, ate a yummy dinner and took a few cat naps. It was perfect! I love for my Sunday’s to be calm and quiet, I use Friday and Saturday for my fun days, Sunday has always been relax day.

My family called and sang happy birthday to me in unison, it was so cute!! I could hear all the kids screaming into the phone “Happy Birthday To You” then a few text messages from my sister and my niece called later that evening to chat. She’s 10 going on 20 and since I’m her best friend, she constantly calls me like she would a classmate of hers to giggle about boys! I think it’s cute and am honored that she regards me so closely! Later that evening, a friend called and sang happy birthday to me and it was a perfect ending to a good day!

My husband bought me a new MacBook Air which is wonderful and for the first time in years he bought me a card and it was really sweet and made me smile! (History: he’s not very big on cards; I think I may have only received 5 in the entire time we’ve been together.) Anyway, I’m carrying the card around everywhere with me from now on!!

So there you have it, the big 30 (as my sister calls it) and it went off without any major catastrophe, I'm not sure if I'm happy about this or mortified that it will sneak up on me later!  

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Friday, July 22, 2011

30's The New 20...

Dear Blog Readers,

Sorry it’s been so long since my last post (10 days)! If you’re following along then you already know that I was on vacation (Miami Beach).

So let me fill you in on what had been going on in my life over the last week or so…


Last Thursday night we landed in Miami and I couldn’t be happier! We spent the days on the beach roaming the streets and taking in the sights. Actually we went to Miami last year but it’s always great to be on vacation. We eat great foods and I (Miss Weight Watchers) had ice cream and cheesy tacos and might I add, enjoyed every moment of it…

On the beach I read (The Castaways which is a great beach book) and collected seashells. I got a great tan which later turned into sun burn (something to do with falling asleep on the beach (a minor technicality) but I really didn’t care I had a blast and to be honest would have been happy to stay another week.

Back To Reality: 
So I had Monday off to recoup from our trip, I did some home work and then pretty much slept the rest of the day…

Back at the office nothing had changed… same people, same drama though to be honest it’s really starting to not matter to me anymore… I have more important things going on in my life to worry about what catty thing my co-workers will attempt to do to me next so I’m moving on!!!

Oh here’s a tid-bit of info for you… I’m going back on vacation in about a week!! I haven’t seen my family in over 2 years and so in a week I will be off to see them, I can hardly contain myself!  All my nieces and nephews are so much bigger and I haven’t even met 2 of them (born last year) so this will be a wonderful trip!! 

Also I’m turning 30 in 2 days and am really not sure how I feel about it though yesterday my Mom told me that “What matters is how I feel inside, if I feel young then I am young”, and my response was “You know, they say 30 is the new 20!” and she just laughed!

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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Back In Motion, Or Trying!

Dear Blog Readers, 

I haven’t forgotten about you! I just returned from vacation this week and am trying to get back in the swing of things! It’s been a super busy week and it doesn’t help that my allergies have taken over!  My eyes are itching like crazy and I wish I was at home in bed!!

I’m not going to make this post long but I did want to mention that this Sunday is my 30th b-day!! Yeah that’s right it has finally arrived!

I’ll post more later!! 

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Demin Tuesday's Outfit of The Day:

Demin Tuesday

Demin Tuesday by citygirlchic featuring a full skirt dress

Hello Lovelies!

So here is a rundown of my outfit today. Its Tuesday and when I woke up this morning I really wasnt in the much in the mood for a dressy-dressy outfit so I threw on a very casual denim strappy sundress with a short sleeve cardigan over the top to still give me an office look and feel.
My outfit came to a grand total of $73.99! Not bad if I say so myself!

My Outfit: 
Dress: Target $22.00
Cardigan: Target $17.00
Shoes:  Macy’s summer shoe sale - $34.99

Grand total: $73.99

The price of the outfit in the photo is below, FYI this outfit is $468.00, I like how you can still look cute on a budget! My budget shopping outfit saved me $394.01!

French Connection full skirt dress
$130 -

Oversized cardigan
$61 -

Valentino espadrille sandals
£277 -

Alexis Bittar gold jewelry
$495 -

Haute Couture Fashion

July is filled with fashion inspiration and what better way to celebrate it than with Haute Couture! July marks the beginning of fashion week in Paris when all of Hollywood’s elite, biggest fashion designers and sales flock to the runways to get inspired for their next big collections!
So what’s the history behind Couture fashion week in Paris? Well, let’s roll back to the mid to late 1800’s and in steps Charles Fredrick Worth. Good ole Charlie, a books shop keeper turned dress boutique owner to leading fashioner of his times was the first to put clothes to a mannequin! Charlie founded the Chamber Syndical  de la Haute Couture and lead the way on how to present Haute Couture to the rest of the world.

Charlie pioneered his way up the fashion chain and became the first big designer name of his time thus giving France the claim to fame “Fashion Capital of the World”.

Fast forward to 2006 and now only 3 big names still survive and own Haute Couture, so you ask, who would these names, be? Chanel, Dior and Givenchy. Most recently Yves Saint Laurent made a mark in the fashion industry and shook things up by adding a modern twist to Haunt Couture.

So there you have it my pretties, the history behind one of Fashions iconic week!

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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Girl In The City...

So I haven’t blogged in a while because of school, vacation and a few other things going on. July 4th weekend was long and really great! I hated going back to work but here’s the good news I’m headed to the beach this weekend and even better, I’m going to Miami the following weekend so its beach overload for me this summer but honestly is there really anything better than the beach!!

So this week I really need to get back to blogging and mainly I need to cover some fashion topics because there’s so many new styles out there right now and some great trends that I’ve seen over the past few weeks. Also I can’t wait to hit the streets in Miami and see the trends out there! I actually might see if I can get into Miami fashion week next year, it’s March 21-24 and I actually know a PR girl who invited me this year but I wasn’t able to make it. Fingers crossed that I can go next year!

This week has been rough going back to work but I have one more day and then a three day weekend. I’ve recently started riding my bike and getting some great exercise in, I rode for an hour last night and got a bit of a tan so now I look extra cute! LOL!

I’m a big Netflix’s fan and I’m catching up on all the old seasons of The City! I love it and its helping me get back on focus for my blogging because the reason I started blogging was because 1.) I love to write and 2.) I love fashion and wanted to express that to the world! It’s also making me want to take another trip to NYC soon!

What am I doing right now:  Checking out some sites that I haven’t had an opportunity to look at yet but have heard rave reviews about: The first is and the second is

So in the spirit of  FTLOB’s Thursday blog hop, here is a super yummy summer drink which I actually found over at Natural Noshing, a great site for health and fitness!

Banana Buddy Shake: Serves 1


1 ripe banana
1 cup of non-dairy milk (I used vanilla almond milk or rice milk but cow’s is fine too)
1 1/2 Tbsp unsalted peanut butter (any nut or seed butter will work here)
1/2 tsp gluten free vanilla extract
1/2 tsp ground flaxseed (optional but provides a good source of Omega-3s)
pinch of sea salt, optional but so yummy!
dash of cinnamon (plus more for sprinkling on top, if desired)
ice cubes
1. Place all ingredients in a blender and mix until combined. Drink and enjoy!

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