Friday, May 27, 2011

It's My World...

So I’m sure you all have noticed that I haven’t been posting and updating as much lately… And I honesty feel really bad, I got an email from one of my readers recently asking me if I had stopped writing.  My answer to that, NO WAY, NEVER!!  Anyway, I wanted to kind of fill everyone in on what I’ve been up to lately and possibly let it serve as an explanation for my lax in posting…

So here’s a recap: in January I posted that one of my New Years Resolutions was to attempt to do something new every month so… I have really been trying to accomplish this goal.

First if you recall about 14 weeks ago I joined Weight Watchers and in that time I have lost approximately 20 pounds! So that’s the first big step I made in my “try something new” journey! Yay me!!

Second, I started taking a Microsoft Certification course in PowerPoint and after 5 weeks I had my exam today and guess what, I passed with a score of 900, the highest possible, 1000 so as you can see, I wasn’t really that far off! Yay me again! (My certification should arrive in the mail soon).

Third, I’m in my last week of training to become a Court Appointed Special Advocate, (CASA). This is a 1-month program, which requires you to complete 40 hours of training and one full day of court observation, which I have already completed. Once I am done with my 40 hours I will then be an official appointed advocate for children in foster care and will be able to advocate for their well being in a court of law. Sort a like a crash course in becoming an attorney/social worker.

Fourth, I just ran a 5K last weekend in 33 minutes! It was nuts and though I thought I was going to die about 5 times during the run I also somehow made it through, received my tee-shirt and was able to walk away with a sense of pride! I have another 5K next weekend (race for the cure).

Lastly but rest assure, not least, I have applied as a notary republic and was just ordained as an official/legal minister which I don’t plan to use for anything other than my own personal grow with the Lord. I will receive my notary information in the mail and am then required to appear in court to have the judge appoint me and sign off on the official documents.

I’m also registered and on the list to become a mediator. This takes 45 hours of training but the classes just ended and there is not another one scheduled for a few months so that’s on my to-do list for another month. Oh yeah before I forget, I also applied to become a Weight Watchers leader and I completed my interview and am now awaiting to hear the next step in the process, they should be calling me next week. 
In case you didn’t know, I’m also working full time and going to school.

I feel like there are more things that I have been doing but to be honest, I just can’t seem to keep track!! Maybe I need to slow down!!  Anyway, as you can see, I have been a busy bee these past few months!

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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Rock What You’ve Got! Or Get It On The Cheap!

Smart Shopping:
Unexpected Accessories - you can find chunky and glamorous looking jewelry anywhere and usually at pretty reasonable prices. Keep your eyes peeled for metal, metallic, colorful or uncommon statement peaces in shopping malls, drug stores, and just about any other shop.

Since we don’t live in the dream world we all wish we did, and have the ability to drop thousands on designer handbags and clothes we have to be smart and realize a deal when we see it. Look for textured handbags or mock looks at places like Kohl’s, Marshalls and other outlet shops. You can usually go to any local mall and find look alike handbags and great accessories, clothes and shoes.
This summer my favorite style is the all time classic California style because it’s so simple and relaxed and I’m not a complicated girl so here’s the skinny on the Cali-Girl look that I love:
California Look: Skinny jeans of course, Floral wrap blouses or just anything in floral print. A-line wrap skirts and denim minis, bikini and halter vest. Sundresses, spaghetti-strap tanks and plenty of shorts. Sandals, casual but cool accessories like wooded cuffs or pendant necklace. 

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Sunday, May 8, 2011


I use to practice yoga and it is very calming, either way, I thought this video was cute and worth sharing. Anyone who enjoys yoga might enjoy this little clip!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

I really love this idea that I found over on Kate’s blog, Love is Everywhere so I’m “stealing” it!!  It’s called 30 Days of Truth. So my plan and of course we all know how well plans often work out, but my “plan” is to post an entry each day covering the topic listed for that day. The reason I’m doing this is not only to share my soul with others but also to find out more about myself. I have been journaling since I was in 4th grade,  I always had a diary and carried it wherever I went making notes and writing my thoughts down and one thing that I seemed to realize was that I seem to learn something about myself that even surprised me at times!

So here’s the catch (yes, everything comes with a price), I have to be completely HONEST in my entries, no sugar coating and no holding back! Post comments if you’d like, I’ve love to read what you think about my “truthdom”. Hey, I just made that word up but it seems to be relevant to the topic!

Also, just so you know, I have created a new tab called 30 Days of Truth on the top tab bar where you can refer back to the topics I will be writing about and they will link you to the entry if you happened to miss one and want to catch up!  
Of course this will take some time to get all the links in as I have not started writing my entries for 30 days of truth yet.

So go check out the new tab and find out what SECRETS about myself I will be sharing in the upcoming days! 

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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Recipe Day!

I made this recipe last week and the cake only lasted 1 day!! This is a very low-fat and super yummy desert for any time of the year but really great for the summer, for a picnic or BBQ or group gathering and its very low stress and simple to make!
What you'll need: 
  • Box of Angle food cake mix
  • 6 oz can of crushed pineapples
  • 1 cup of sugar free apple sauce
  • Fat Free whip topping 
  • Fresh strawberries & blueberries

**Note** Do NOT add any other ingredients from cake mix box. The above ingredients are the only things you will add. 


Follow baking direction on the box, preheat oven according to box.
Pour cake mix into a bowl, add full can of pineapples including juice. (Do not drain)
Add cup of apple sauce.

Bake and then cool in refrigerator for about 30 minutes before frosting. Top with fat free whip topping and fresh fruit such as strawberries and blueberries

Eat and enjoy!

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