Friday, January 28, 2011

Food, Fitness and Top Model...

It’s Friday afternoon and I’ve had the day off from work so its been pretty laid back. I had a doctor’s appointment earlier this afternoon and am now home watching the Top Model marathon. You know I never really realized how much work models have to do and I don’t just mean keeping lean and thin, that’s a whole other workload they have.  So what I’ve learned is that models have to be able to do anything, I mean anything. They have to be able to understand the elements around them, they have to be put into harsh environments and face many of their fears and still deliver a great photo! They are critiqued and told what needs improvement and We really need to give these ladies a big hand because they deal with so much and all we think is that they just show up, put on something cute, smile and get a giant paycheck… Nope it’s so much more than that!
Coco’s been lying in her bed (a rocking chair in our bedroom near the window that she has recently staked claim on) and has been watching the birds outside all day. Every now and then she hopes down for a drink of water and then right back up. Just a side note: that green blanket is her favorite and she always had to lay on it.
My doctor’s appointment this morning was just a routine check up and I took the opportunity to talk about my recent weight gain so my doctor looked back over the past few years of my medial history and realized that I had gained a few extra pounds. Unfortunately, she didn’t supply me with any additional news that I already had not tried, work out more, eat more veggies, and get more sleep, blah, blah, blah… I’ve done all these things and still weight the same. I need something else, something major! So I pulled out a book that I recently purchased and decided that I really need to get serious about working out more on a consistent fitness plan. I just love food and love to cook so this combo is not working for my figure at all! So I’m hoping that with this new mindset and this book by my side I can really do this!

So wish me luck! 
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  1. I just finished the ANTM that you posted this! I have heard great things about this book and would love to hear about what you have to say about it! :)


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