Thursday, January 13, 2011

In The Bag...

So today I decided to do a segment called In My Bag. I’ve been super busy today at work and really didn’t have time to do too many updates to the blog but yesterday when I got home I had been thinking about the fact that I really wanted to write this blog so here we go!  

In My (Coach) Bag:

Maybelline Tinted Lip-gloss & Dior Lip-gloss Case– for when I’m on the go but still want to look pulled together!

Unstoppable Noir Eyeliner- I live in Noir blackest-black eyeliners and always have one with me.

Blackberry (“Crackberry”) & Digital Camera – for staying on top of my emails, text messages and latest news and for snapping photos on the go!

Dior Reading Glasses – for those moments when I need to look instantly polished and sophisticated!

Orbit Winter Mint Gum- every girl needs fresh breath especially after tacos for lunch!

Netflix &iPod Nana- entertainment on the go, nothing could be better for airport layovers!

Haiku Body Spray- I love this fresh scent and often spritz myself during the day.

Monthly Book-of-The-Month & Diary- I like to keep my brain in tip top shape so I always carry a book with me and my diary for making notes or storing photos and sentiments. 

So there you have it, all the items I love to tote around no matter where I'm headed! 

Keep Reading, 
City Girl

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  1. i love whats in my bag features, this has inspired me to do one :)


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