Saturday, February 19, 2011

From My Heart To Yours...

February is the month of love and though Valentines Day had come and gone, it doesn’t mean we can’t still take a little time to show some love!
Ever wonder why we only really celebrate love once a year when love is the one thing that brings everything full circle!
Well today I decided to list a few things that I really love about myself! We all have to learn love ourselves more, we have enough people in our lives making it hard enough so today is my day to mentally pamper myself!!

What I love about myself:
  • I have a great smile (I should show it off more)
  • I love to read (knowledge is everything)
  • I’m helpful and kind to others (best way to be)
  • I love my long hair (fluffy and soft)
  • I love my adventurous spirit (whoot whoot!!)
  • I’m focused, when I put my mind to it! (yeah, if I put my mind to it)
So there you have it, a few things I love about myself! Show yourself some love and list what you love about yourself! 

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  1. Is great what u post, I as a reader find it refreshing when I see someone aproaching beauty and fashion in a different more healthy way.



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