Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Writing A Book Is A Lot Of Work...

I’ve been super busy with life and have not posted in about a week so I wanted to apologize for that. I’m actually in the process of beginning to write my first book and feel it’s really going to take a lot of focus, energy and time to get it done in the allotted time that I have set for myself. So I might not be posting as often as I’d like. Right now I’m working a full time job, writing for my two blogs and a running a personal website, going to school and of course I can’t forget taking care of my home and my husband so I worry that I’ll have to shift my attention from one of these so that I have more time for my book. It just makes more sense to me to put that energy into the book instead of blogging right now. So dear readers, I love my blogs but will not be posting as much as I’d like for the next few months or until my book is released.

Thank you for understanding and check back often for updates on how my book is coming along.

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  1. That photo is fantastic! Love it! I know how you feel. Life can be so hectic at times. Sometimes blogging needs to be put on hold, understandable. Good luck with your book! Lovely blog you have here! I'm visiting from FTLOB. Hope you had a fantastic Friday!


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