Friday, April 8, 2011

Theme of The Week...

The theme of this week is all about doing new things! Earlier this year one of my co-workers sent out a mass email asking us to send in our New Year’s resolutions so she could post them up for us as a “gentle reminder” to stay on track so I emailed her the following:

1.)    Read more
2.)    Do something new at least once a month
So last month I took a trip to Athens Greece, started writing my novel and joined Weight Watchers as well as started my search for a new job.

This month I have some pretty cool stuff to report too! I have joined a volunteer group called CASA which is an advocacy for children so I will be a court appointed Children Advocate! Of course I have to go through some intense 12-week training program and get sworn in by a judge and all that but I think this will be wonderful to help children who are in bad situations.

Second thing I have done is start my Microsoft training classes so that I can become a Certified Microsoft Master proctor. This too is a very intensive training session which has 4 separate courses each 5 weeks long with an exam at the end of each.

I have also signed up for a 5K Walk-it Marathon through Weight Watchers which is in May so I have some time to train and get my leg muscles in shape!

I lastly, I’m volunteering for the Race For The Cure to help with advertisement and signing people up as well as participating in the actually race in June. (But I’ll save that as my new thing to do in June).

So my theme this week is defiantly all about doing new things and bettering myself as well as trying to help others!

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  1. Hi from your latest subscriber! I found you over at Casual Blogger and just love your blog - it has a very fun vibe to it.

    Good luck with all your resolutions! I hope you are better at completing them than I am! Lol. ;)


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