Sunday, May 22, 2011

Rock What You’ve Got! Or Get It On The Cheap!

Smart Shopping:
Unexpected Accessories - you can find chunky and glamorous looking jewelry anywhere and usually at pretty reasonable prices. Keep your eyes peeled for metal, metallic, colorful or uncommon statement peaces in shopping malls, drug stores, and just about any other shop.

Since we don’t live in the dream world we all wish we did, and have the ability to drop thousands on designer handbags and clothes we have to be smart and realize a deal when we see it. Look for textured handbags or mock looks at places like Kohl’s, Marshalls and other outlet shops. You can usually go to any local mall and find look alike handbags and great accessories, clothes and shoes.
This summer my favorite style is the all time classic California style because it’s so simple and relaxed and I’m not a complicated girl so here’s the skinny on the Cali-Girl look that I love:
California Look: Skinny jeans of course, Floral wrap blouses or just anything in floral print. A-line wrap skirts and denim minis, bikini and halter vest. Sundresses, spaghetti-strap tanks and plenty of shorts. Sandals, casual but cool accessories like wooded cuffs or pendant necklace. 

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