Sunday, September 11, 2011

September 11th - In Memory

It’s hard to believe that 10 years have gone by since the attack on New York and Washington, DC but time doesn't stand still and this is anniversary is just another reminder of that.
This past week, I’ve been watching the interviews with the children, wives, family and friends of those who gave their lives, who fought or who were sacrificed in the wake of the disaster and though it’s heartbreaking to see and hear their stories it is also important to see how much they have grown and how strong they have become since their lose and one thing that rings true for me is that all of these people will never, ever forget that event that took their loved ones and neither will we.

If nothing good came out of 9/11, I can say that it did bring people together and we as American’s stood up and stood strong! Though we were bruised and battered, we kept fighting and now here we are, 10 years later, 10 years stronger!

So to those we lost, this post is to pay homage to them, to their family and friends, their children and co-workers and to our Nation as a whole!  

We will never forget you and to those left behind to carry on their memory, God has a plan for you and for everything that you have gone through in your life.

In loving memory,


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