Tuesday, November 16, 2010


So tomorrow I will be entering a Bake-Off and I’m very excited about this! For that last week I have been researching, brain storming and inventing new recipe ideas to come up with the prefect dessert for this Bake-Off and there were 3 that stood out so I narrowed it down to 2 desserts!
Today I spent a total of about 4 hours shopping, blending and mixing, baking, burning, running back to the market, remixing and then baking again until the perfect mini desserts was created!

I'm sure your dying to know what I have baked up, so without further ado, (well I’m going to post the actual recipes in our Girls In The Kitchen section) but for now here’s what I've baked!

Mini Banana Split Cupcakes:
With Banana cream cheese filling.

Pumpkin Pies: (in sprite of Thanksgiving)
With pumpkin cream cheese filling

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