Thursday, November 18, 2010

Back To The Bake-Off

Tuesday night I posted a blog about a Bake-off that I participated in for Charity and I received many well wishes from family, friends, and site fans. So thank you very much all! I wanted to clarify one thing though, the Bake-sale was not a contest, I was actually mistaken myself because the previous years that I had participated it was a contest, however, this year the judges decided that instead of awarding the winning Baker with a monetary gift they would give it to charity and I’m all for that so I’m super excited that I had the opportunity to participate. Not only did I bake 2 desserts, I also volunteered 3 hours to help serve and talk with our patrons who came by to eat some yummy desserts. I really had a great time and had some great conversations too!
So, many of your have sent in inquiring emails and message about how the sale went so I decided to write a follow-up article to satisfy your hungry desires to know.  We had a bunch of volunteers and we all had a great time talking and laughing together, getting to know one another and sampling the tasty treats (since we were volunteers, we didn’t have to pay). For 2 hours we served sweets and warm coffee donated by Starbucks!
My desserts were a big hit. All the Pumpkin Cream Pies Cookies were sold and the Baby Banana Cream Cupcakes received rave reviews! I even had people come back and ask for the recipe, all but 5 of them were sold and the rest I quickly gave away to the volunteers and others who had been waiting to get their hands on them! When I was finally able to take a breath and check my email, I had 3 more recipe requests from people who had been to the by the bake sale wanting my recipes. Wow, it went better than I had imagined! For all of our efforts and hard work, we were able to earn, in just 3 short hours, $500.00 to donate to charity! That’s wonderful. 

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