Monday, October 4, 2010

Introductions Are In Order:

The City Girl Chronicles is written by women/girls from major cities all over, for the masses (by us, for you). We aim to personally connect to our readers by covering a wide array of topics from Entertainment, Fashion, Fitness & Health, Dieting, food, sex, and of course Hollywood’s latest gossip. Each CG writer reports on different topics and since our staff contains members from many different locations we will include local and international news delivered straight from the heart of that particular city!
What makes CG Chronicles stand out from other online news blogs, and feeds is that our writers speak their minds and state the facts as they are! We are a no fuss, no nonsense and defiantly no sugar coating team of reporters here to give it to you raw!
Check out our site, sign the guess book and if you don’t see something you feel is buzz worthy, drop us a line! The staff at CG Chronicles looks forward to providing you the best stories and news coverage possible!

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