Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Promoting & All That Good Stuff...

So I've spent the day promoting my site and posting articles, researching, tweeting and getting down to CG business! I just got home and checked my mailbox and to my disbelief, none of the people I had contacted bothered to reply back...
UGGH, are you serious!
Then right as I was about to log out noticed my junk mail box had a bit of mail. My normal reaction, to delete the whole lot of them, but I decided to skim through and to my amazement, I got a reply back from The Budget Fashionista! (Thank you!)
She is now going to list my site on hers in order to help me drive in more traffic!!! So I wanted to shout out her site (which is also listed in my links area) So again, here's a big THANK YOU!!

Back to work!!

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