Monday, November 8, 2010

Word of The Week: Food

I haven’t written a blog since Nov. 4th so I figured it was probably about time. What’s new with me this week? Well, if I had to give the last 4 days a theme it would defiantly be food! First, I spent my weekend checking out a new food blog, and then posted an article under the iReports section called New Blog On The Block reporting my opinions of this blog. BYT: that foodie has a great BBQ chicken wings recipe, I tried it, so I know!!

Then CG Chronicles just added a new Staff Writer, food blogger Morgan T. Quinn and she has put two new recipes up already, check them out, you won't be sorry! Then yesterday, my husband and I decided to go on a cleansing diet, eating nothing but fresh, non-processed foods, fruits and veggies and drinking a lot of cranberry juice and teas. So I’m expecting to feel cleaner in no time! 

I’m currently watching Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern on The Travel channel and I packed up a big box of food from my kitchen cabinet to donate to the local women’s shelter for Thanksgiving. On another note, we lost one our staff writers but it's still all good in the CG hood because as mentioned we have just added Morgan so I’m thinking “Game on!!”

It’s getting late so I better head off and get ready for bed!

See you all in my virtual dreams! 

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