Monday, January 3, 2011

New Year

Happy New Year!! I have not made any updates to my site in over a month because with the holidays, work and all the other stuff going on in my life, I have been super busy and have not had any time to write. I was so mad at myself because I kept coming up with some great topic ideas and kept thinking “okay, tomorrow I’ll write”, about that but then tomorrow came and went and before I knew it, it was a month later and I had nothing!!

Well it’s a new year and the holidays are over at least for a while (valentine’s day is quickly approaching)  so my life should be settling down which means I’ll be back to my regular posting, blogging and adding photos and videos and bombarding your minds with all my gibberish and random opinions on different subjects!

Recap of my year, I am so happy I started my site and to be honest it has opened a lot more doors that I never thought it would and has allowed me a creatively expression to all the things that I have been wanting to share with others for so long, not only that but through my site I have had the opportunity to meet and work with some great writers and some all around great girls who to this day still keep in touch with me even though they no longer write for my site. I also heard from one or two recently who have started their own site and found out that by writing for my site, they finally got that little push they needed to start their own site and I couldn’t be happier for them! I have checked out some of their site and they are wonderful! Ladies, keep up the great work!

I’ve very excited for this new year and have great hopes, ideas and dreams for not only myself but also for the site but as we all know, sometimes our plans don’t always go as we’d like so I won’t post any of my plans or dreams here but will keep everyone updated as things progress and unfold! Take care all and happy New Year to all of you!

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