Monday, January 3, 2011

Winter Time Warm-Up!

During the weekends my dog Coco and I enjoy going for long walks not only to get some exercise but also because it allows me time to clear my mind and often come up with some great ideas for my site. Last week we were out for our normal walk, I was all bundled up while Coco refused to wear her raincoat, I think she feels constricted and can’t roam as freely as she would like. Anyway as we progressed on our walk I started to realized what a cold and rainy day it had turned out to be and decided we should head back so I could climb under the covers and read a good book. On the walk back I was remained of my childhood days when my Granny would make chicken and dumplings with cornbread on cold, rainy days like that day. I loved my Granny’s chicken and dumplings but she passed away long before I was able to realize my passion for cooking so I never did get a chance to learn her secret recipe. When I got back home I decided to see if we had anything to warm me up and as I sat in the kitchen wishing I knew how to make chicken and dumplings I vowed then and there to learn how and though it may not be as good as my Granny’s, it’d still be good!
A few days later the thought had completely slipped my mind, I was online surfing through some on my favorite sites when ta-da… a wonder recipe for chicken and dumplings had been posted by none other than Larissa! If you don’t remember I used her Chicken Wings recipe in my iReports section, (New Blog On The Block) a few months back and both my husband and I loved the taste so I trust pretty much any recipe she posts and gladly recommend them to others.
                  So without further ado, check out this great recipe she has posted on her site! I plan to make it sometime this week since I’ve checked the weather channel and it’s going to be cold and dreary all week! Doesn’t the photo alone make you wish you could climb into the screen and lick the bowl!!If you're looking for something to keep you warm during this winter season or just for some good home-style cooking, I highly recommend that you check out her site and try some on her delicious recipes! 

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