Monday, February 7, 2011

Love Is All We Need

It’s a new day, time to hit the ground running, don’t focus on the past because better things are coming!

Okay so Monday has finally arrived, actually I should say its arrived way too quickly! But nonetheless it’s here, so in true City Girl style, let’s make some lemonade! For those of you who read my blog on a regular basis you know that I’m doing this whole positive thinking thing and also working on a 21-day Food, Fitness and Faith journey which includes examining all aspects of my life and making changes in ways that benefit me permanently and for the better. So this weekend it seems that the lessons I was suppose to learn had a lot to do with starting fresh, not looking back on the issues of yesterday and realizing that today is a new opportunity to look at things with a new perspective. This is exactly what I plan to do.

 “Do not remember the former things, nor consider the things of old. Behold, I will do a new thing!”
Isaiah 43:18-19

Moving on to the FTLOB theme for this month and it just happens to be Love Letters! Since I currently don’t have any personal love letters of my own (that I wish to share)  I would like to share one by Dylan Thomas that I just love! It was written in 1950 to his love Catlin.
"I love you. That is all I know. But all I know, too, is that I am writing into space: the kind of dreadful, unknown space I am just going to enter. I am going to Iowa, Illinois, Idaho, Indiana but these, though on the map. You are not.

Have you forgotten me? I am the man you used to say you loved. I used to sleep in your arms - do you remember? But you never write. You are perhaps mindless of me. I am not of you. I love you.

There isn't a moment of any hideous day when I do not say to myself. 'It will be alright. I shall go home. Caitlin loves me. I love Caitlin.' But perhaps you have forgotten. If you have forgotten, or lost your affection for me, please, my Cat let me know. I Love You".


What a great letter, happened to this kind of shivery?  Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this letter! 

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  1. I love Love letters. Send your man to war for a year and you get some pretty great love letters. I've shared some on my space to join in on FTLOB.

  2. Saw your link on the FTLOB Love Letter Challenge of 2011.

    I heart me some Dylan Thomas. Thanks.

  3. What a great letter... I have to google Dylan Thomas!

  4. cool letter to share! sweetness * thanks for sharing * *

  5. That letter really gets to the heart of what long distance relationships must have been like back in the day, haha. Thank goodness my hubby and I had e-mail! Thanks for checking out my love letter!

  6. yes, I enjoyed the letter very much. thanks for sharing :)

  7. That is a great letter!! Thanks for posting it!


  8. I just checked out your Project: Do Me.

    YOU'RE AMAZING!! I'm so happy you were inspired to come up with such fabulous, creative and meaningful goals to achieve :)


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