Tuesday, February 8, 2011

What Dreams May Come...

Happy Tuesday! Its Tasty Tuesday over at FTLOB but I don't have any tasty recipes to share with your so  today I’m taking a little bit of a different route on my blog and posting a response to something I found over on Mallori’s blog, Aiukli. So one of her 30 days of truth exercises was to list something that she wished she had done in her life and this really struck a nerve with me because most people have that one thing that might have changed the path the of their lives forever had they gone ahead with it so without further ado here is mine…

List something you wish you had done in your life:

I got married fairly young in life. I was about 24 when I said those 2 little words that would forever link me to the man I loved so much and looking back over our marriage, I couldn’t have picked a better person to spend forever with! That being said, I often wondered what life would be like for me if I had not gotten married until I accomplished some of my own personal goals? Please don’t get me wrong, I love being married, it's one of the a greatest gifts in my life!  But its worth noting that from time to time thoughts flood my mind causing me to wonder about how life would be had I just waited a few more years. Marriage can be a joyful thing and it’s also a giant comprise to building up your partnership for the better and sometimes what one person wants just might not be all that beneficial to the marriage so we put our dreams on hold always with the intent to come back to them, of course we all know that rarely ever happens.

When I was younger I dreamed of being an artist, of painting and writing poetry and traveling all over and meeting many different kinds of people. I was never really your traditional girl who dreamed of going to college, meeting the right man, getting married and having a child. Nope I was far from that, in fact I never even thought of marriage until the day my husband asked me… (Seriously)

So we got married and well, with a mortgage, car notes and bills stacking up there was no room to go off exploring my creative side. I needed to work a regular 9-5 job, pay the bills and be a good little housewife and so that's precisely  what I did. I wasn’t angry and I didn’t blame anyone, I just understood that this was what needed to be done. I built a small art studio in one of our closets and would paint from time to time but life was always stepping in and preventing me from spending too much time enjoying my passions so my art studio became a semi-storage room and my life became jam packed with, well life stuff…
So the one thing in my life that I wish I had done was wait to get married until I accomplished some of my own personal life goals, however, I’m so blessed in my marriage and wouldn’t change it for anything!

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  1. beautiful post. thanks for sharing your heart.

    here from FTLOB! now following. happy to meet you.

  2. Oh boy, do I get this post! I got married at 26 and I still feel like it was too young. I compromised so much of myself that I sunk into a really deep depression. Unlike your happy marriage, ours ended in divorce. (I'm very happily married to the right guy.)
    The best part about life is, we have lots of time to chase those dreams. You still have time to follow those dreams. Clean out that closet, put the stuff in storage and start painting!


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