Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Classy & Fabulous...

Happy Tuesday to all you here in blog-land, I’m up and running and feeling so much better, back to my old self! Its Tasty Tuesday’s over at FTLOB and I have some really tasty eye candy for you this morning! 

J. Rudy Lewis Cuff
 Today, I really want to share with everyone some unique one-of-a-kind jewelry that I just know you’re going to love! Unfortunately I am not as talented as these two designers so no, I didn’t make these pieces but I’ll gladly share with you who did. The first set was handcrafted by J. Rudy Lewis who’s actually located in Philly, not too far from me (might have to stop over sometime). 

J. Rudy Lewis Earrings
These designs are handmade and not something you’ll see on just anyone walking down the street. Check out the site for more details and take a look at some of these great creations below.

The next artist I wanted to feature today is Judith Hass.  I really love her pieces which are so abstract and unique. Judith started designing in 2003 in Soho and today her jewelry can be found in department stores from Japan to the UK, also right here in the good ole USA. If her prices were a bit more in my price range, I’d have to treat myself to one of her rings. 

Anyways, check out her site and the pictures below for your Tasty Tuesday eye candy! Don’t you just love these! I’m glutton for individually so both of these designers caught my eye right away; I mean who wants to be seen wearing the same thing as everybody else?? NOT ME!! 

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  1. The site looks gorgeous doll! GOOD Job! So glad you are back to yourself! enjoy!

  2. Coming over from Tasty Tuesday!
    Love that ring! GORGEOUS!!!
    Nice to meet you!
    Chrissy xxx


  3. Eye candy, I like it! Thanks for visiting!

  4. I love the earrings with the green stone. Very chic!

  5. Hi from Mingle Monday! I love your Audrey button/pictures! Hope you are sorting things out in your life and getting where you need to be. These jewelry designs are awesome, thanks for sharing!

  6. LOVE the cuffff!!!!! Totally in love :]


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