Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Once Upon A Time...

 Well, my book is going along quite nicely, that is of course in my head, I just need to get it down on paper! Let’s recap from the last time I posted; I finished my first chapter and was struggling to get down to business and start the second one however, last week as I was running my errands, I had a revolution, a new idea or concept if you will for my book. I decided to sit on it for a few days and see if it would pass but it kept coming back, keeping me up at night, creeping into my thoughts throughout my work day so finally, on Thursday I sat down and wrote it all out and it was wonderful, the bad part though: of course there’s a bad part to this story, my life wouldn’t be complete without something bad happening, so the bad part of this new revolution was that it’s a completely new theme and direction of the book and it did not match anything that I had previously written so I had to scrap the first chapter that I had worked so hard on. I didn’t mind because I’m actually more pleased with where this new idea is taking me and since it’s somewhat based around my own personal experiences, the story seems to be flowing more naturally that the first idea.

Right I have 5 pages of a new book sitting in a file on my computer at home so now I need to “force” (I despise that word) myself to get back to writing. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE writing but imagine if you will, I wake up at about 4:50am every morning, get ready for work and head out, arrive at work and attempt to do some school work (I normally have at least 1 paper due a week and that paper is usually about 5-6 pages long). Then I have actual real work to do otherwise I’ll get fired and lose my job, that wouldn’t be good! I head home and might do a bit more school work, then cook dinner, clean up and start getting ready for work the next day (ironing, packing lunch, etc…) while attempting to spend time with my husband and our dog, who by the way is feeling really neglected right now. By now it’s about 7:45 or 8:00pm so I’m tired and try to relax and watch a bit of TV or read a book, of course I could write some more pages of my book but I’ve been writing all day, either for school or for work and my eyes don’t want to stare at another computer monitor again until in the morning. So you see my dilemma? 

Either way, I’m writing tonight since I don’t really have any school work due until tomorrow.  Oh the journey of writing a book, isn’t it great!? 

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  1. I hope that you had a great time of writing and that you were totally inspired!


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