Monday, April 4, 2011

My Ah-Hah Moment has arrived...

I have been stalling all day to write this entry but I’m refueled and ready to go! I got a big dose of inspiration today from a co-worker of mine who really seemed put the whole “working on my book” thing into perspective for me with a few simple words. Instead of looking at it as “working” on my book my co-worker suggest that I stop looking at it like its work because it’s suppose to be my passion so I should be happy to do it and really I am... Maybe I had been thinking of writing my book in terms of working on a term paper or something so I kept putting it off.  But with this new way of thinking will really do wonders for me and give me a boost! I’m going home tonight and knocking out some pages! Sometimes it really does take an outside perspective to give you a new outlook on things!

On another note, I got my home office up and ready this weekend so I really have no reason not to write. My husband bought me a shiny new flat screen monitor and helped me hook everything up! I kinda need to put my books away though. I love to read and so I have tons of books everywhere, let me repeat that, EVERYWHERE! We have a small library in our entertainment room on the first level of our house but all the bookshelves are full as the ones on the additional bookshelf in our home office, hall closet and the shelves on my desk so there are all these books randomly stacked up around my desk and I seriously need to clean that mess up!

So close but so far away...
But here’s what not going to happen, I’m not going to go home and clean up the books and then find an excuse not to write so I will go home, write then put the books away and if I don’t get around to putting the books away, then I won’t care because at least I would have written something! I feel like I’m in my “Ah-hah” moment when I finally realize something really important in life! I know, I such a nerd!

So you’re all my witnesses, I vow to write tonight and finish chapter 1 at the very least... The only thing I’m doing by not writing is standing in my own way, there are enough people out there trying to get in my way, so I don’t need to do it to myself!

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  1. My weakness is not tidying, it is finding other things to do like getting chocolate, making a cup of tea, sending an email and then before I know it, it's late and I don't have any work done! Good luck with finding inspiration and focus!

    Just stopped by from FTLOB!


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