Friday, April 15, 2011

Official What's In vs. What's Out Hot List:

So I’ve decided to do an official City Girl Chronicles short list of what’s in and what’s out.
What’s IN:
Men shopaholics: long gone are the days of the lady shopaholic because more and more man have outrageous shoe collections just like we do.  So ladies don’t expect to see your men venting in front of the T. V. yelling for a cold beer, nope now he’ll be standing in the dressing room line along side you with an arm full of skinny jeans and dress pants.  
Gucci Guilty perfume: Seriously I just rubbed some of this on my wrist from a sample in my Cosmo magazine and I’m officially declaring sweet scent as IN!
Calling up mama: Yes, calling your mother more than once a week or a day for that matter is totally on the cool radar so go ahead and dial those digits!

                 What’s OUT:
That old “Opposites Attract” theory: Remember a few years ago when all those celebrities were getting engaged but the relationship only seemed to last a few weeks and then it was on to the next? Well those poor souls were hooking up with opposites that they hope they could eventually change and after a few more dates and conversations they realized that picking out a ring on date 3 was probably a bad, bad idea. Now days people want more in a relationship so their looking for a partner who already has more in common with them from the start and it seems to be making relationships last longer.
Black fingernail polish: Seriously not cool! Do I really have to say anything more? Well, unless your into Goth but otherwise go for the lighter color!

Being enemies or even “frienemies” with anyone: Life’ short so instead try to live, love and laugh, you'll find it takes way less energy than hating someone!

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