Sunday, June 19, 2011

Fashion Overload!

This weekend or I guess I should say about 5 hours of my Friday evening were spent cleaning our my walk-in closet and if your someone whose knows me well enough you probably already know that 5 hours was not enough time (this is usually a 3 day event)!  Yes, I’ll admit it, I have a ton of clothes and every season or rather winter and summer I pack up the old and unpack the new.  I’m a “seasoner” or someone who packs up the clothes that can no longer be worn in the upcoming season.  I still have a bit more to do and have not even gotten to the shoes, that another 3 hours! (maybe next weekend.)

So back to the point, I spent a better part of my Friday in my closet marveling over all my colorful summer clothes that had been boxed up for the last year.

There were so many outfits I had forgotten about and so many items that I cannot wait to wear.
I was trying on dresses and tops, slipping into skirts and summer shorts. It was a wonderland of color and texture, and my husband just rolled his eyes while my dog made herself a bed in the pile of clothes I planned on discarding.

Then Saturday afternoon hubby took me to some vintage shops that I had been talking non-stop about all week. I picked up some more wonderful pieces to add to my summer collection!
I’m very excited about a vintage Diana Von Furstenberg dress and vintage Marc Jacobs top I found. Total spent: $56.00, not bad I'd say!

Oh before I forget, on Friday morning I contacted the Executive Director of DC Fashion Week to inquire about a press pass. Fingers cross that I will be able to attend and cover the event! I’d love to see the latest trends and styles on the runways!

Lastly, I just purchased
"A Year In High Heels” by Camilla Morton, a London Based Fashion Writer, which I’m really looking forward to reading! With a forward by Manolo Blahnik which I've already read and LOVE!!

So I decided to Theme this weekend: Fashion Overload!

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