Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Midsummer’s Night:

June 21-22 is traditionally Midsummer linked to the summer solstice, the stars and the rotation of the sun in relation to the earth. So I started thinking about the whole idea and concept behind a Midsummer’s Night Dream by William Shakespeare and its all about twisted and tangled love. One person is set to marry someone else but that person is not in love with them but is instead is in love with a completely different person… Oy Vey, it’s complicated but got me to thinking about love and all that comes into play with relationships and what I like to call “coupledom”…  Could Midsummer really be true, can our hearts be affected by the stars and moon? Who really knows?

But all of this gave me a spectacular idea! Why not create your own Midsummer’s Night Dream in a park or better yet in your own backyard and see what transpires between the players! Since Midsummer brings shortened days and fewer hours of sunlight this will be perfect for an evening picnic event. Use tea lights (candles) or Chinese lanterns to help set the scene. As for food, I’d suggest delicate meals like finger sandwiches, summer salads, pink champagne, and petit fours deserts with an added touch of flowers.  Make sure there is plenty of seating such as scattered pillows and small throw rugs and for an added bonus, toss some de-stemmed flowers all around.
You’re now ready for your misadventure in love! 

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