Thursday, June 16, 2011

Que Día! (What a Day!):

So thank goodness the weeks almost over!! I decided to post a blog about happiness because I have had a somewhat off week. I’m not going to go into the details but it hasn't been the best week nor was it the worst! Again, it all seems to be related to my job or should I say certain people I work with!!!

I dealt with some more drama this week at work and it’s a wonder I’m still walking around with a smile on my face because some nights I’m so rocked with stress and anger and so many other negatives emotion that I can’t seem to sleep. Last night was one of those nights… My husband is a night owl and kept asking me what was wrong but I hate to bother him with it so I always say "Oh nothing…"

Anyway, I’m trying to look on the brighter side of things and understand that in the long run, God has something great in store for me so I’m trying with all of my might to not let this bother me.

So on to other news, one of my coworkers has decided to give me Spanish lessons via email which are really not going too well! I am horrible at Spanish but will forge ahead!! I’m determined to learn the basics so I can hold a conversation with someone… Mind you it will not be a very long conversation but nonetheless!

No new about the job but one thing that I was reminded of this week was about having patients so I will have to wait a bit longer to hear anything!

Okay that’s it for now, read my happiness post under Writers Block.

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  1. Hi! Found you through ftlob! Good luck with the Spanish! We have some spanish friends, and pick up a word or two from them. and I know what ya mean about drama at work! Good luck!
    (I have to reply anonymous or it won't work)


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