Tuesday, June 14, 2011

My Confession...

I haven’t written in a few days only because I’ve been busy with a few other things. There’s nothing really new on my end (yet).  Just working and staying on task with school and what not. Oh I guess I owe you the rest of the story from last week (My Big News post). Well, if you’ve been staying up to date on my current blog posts then you know that I have been doing a bunch of different things like taking Microsoft classes, getting certified in this and that, becoming a volunteer and a slew of other things.

Well, last Friday as I always do, I went to check the mail and found a letter from the Maryland State Senator, Ulysses Currie.  The back story to this letter is that I applied to become a Notary Republic in my state about a month ago. Though I’m absolutely certain that it was a form letter sent out to many others, I like to think Ulysses really took the time to personally address it specifically to me (let me dream)!  So in his letter to me, he so kindly stated that it would be his pleasure to recommend me for commissioning as Notary Republic in the state of Maryland and that I should expect to receive a letter of summons to appear in court and be sworn in! Yes, I know this is really not all that exciting to you but I’m building a list of things that I have done so I can just add “become a Notary Republic” to the list!

So Here’s The Confession Part of My Post:

Last night I was talking to my 10 year old niece Rosie and of course she’s at that age where she thinks boys are cute so we somehow got on the topic of Zack Efron (the guy from Disney’s High School Musical) and funny thing is I had just watched a movie with him in this past weekend Charlie St. Cloud. So Rosie is talking about Zach and I casually mention that he has nice eyes… Nothing out of the ordinary right?? But my niece cracks up and says something, can’t remember what at the moment but the result was that I felt like some sort if Disney-star-stalker-perv (not cool)? So I quickly calculate his age and am guessing that he is about 23 or 24... Which makes me feel much better because his age does not have a 1 in front of any other number… Am I crazy or does by saying someone has nice eyes make me a stalker or something?? I hope not!!

So while Rosie rambles on about Twilight, I quickly assess the situation and realize that she probably has a mini-crush on Zach and took my comment to mean that I also did. Upon this realization, I start feeling better and finish the conversation.

So what exactly is my confession? Well it’s sorta two-fold: first part, yes I’ll admit it, Zach has nice eyes and second part, for a very short amount of time I felt like a pervert because, well having a crush on anyone on the Disney channel just seems weird but knowing that my niece reveled in the fact that her older and need I mention, pretty cool Auntie knew who Zack was and may or may not have a crush on him was worth it! Anything to please my family!!

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  1. You want to know something? When I was in high school and everyone LOVED him I always thought he was ugly. You're cracking me up talking about being pedophile-y when talking about him though - he's not THAT young :p

  2. I totally feel ya - Zac is beyond handsome. I just watched Charlie St. Cloud the other day, but I thought the story was a bit lame. Alas, all the Zefron scenes made up for that pretty good. :)

    Guilty pleasure, huh? Everyone has one, or two, or three... Don't worry about that. ;-)


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