Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Stranded On Desert Island

It’s summer so I’m going to play the Stranded on desert Island game:
If I were stranded on a desert island I’d take:
Device: defiantly my ipad, its had everything, movies, books, games, music, camera (so I can capture my adventure and so much more but I’d need a back up battery. 

Clothing Items: sweater, its gets cold at nights and I can take it off during the day for a nice tan. Swim suit, I can’t swim in the nude, what if someone comes to save me and I’m naked! That’s just not cool!
TV Box Set: The office and How I Met Your Mother, I love both equally!
Snack: I really love cookies but might get tired of them so I’d have to go with Chex snack mix, it has a range of flavors and textures to play with my taste buds!
Scent: well, I’m on an island so I’d have to go with Coconut and Lime Verbena body spray from Bath & Body Works, I have this now and love it, and it reminds me of an island!
Book: Well, I’ll have tons on books on my ipad but I’d have to have a paperback so I’d pick Daughters of The Revolution by Carolyn Cooke.
Pet: Coco my Scottie of course! She’s my trusty sidekick!
Random Item: I think I’d take a sleeping bag cause I really don’t like sleeping in the dirt! Oh and a toothbrush.
So there you have it the items I’d take with me if I were ever stranded on a desert island!

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