Thursday, July 28, 2011

Be Stronger Today Than Yesterday...

Yesterday I was talking to a girl I’ve known for years, we work for the same company and over the last few months she and I have build a pretty good friendship, but back to the point of my story, she recently left a long relationship and has been venting a lot to me a lot. I’m trying to offer the best advice I can because  she’s dealing with a lot but one thing that has come out of all of this is how grateful I am to be married to such a wonderful man!  It’s so difficult out there for single people trying to find the right person! I can tell just by listening to her!

So back to my point, relationships are hard and after listening for months to my friend vent, I have come to this conclusion and I think she has as well. (BTW: you kinda need to know the back story: she was cheated on and found out on Valentine’s Day)  

Being in love is great and if you’re lucky enough to find your true love (like me, sorry don’t mean to brag but its true) then that’s great. But if not and you get stuck with someone who doesn’t care about you then what you will one day realize is that it’s no big lose to you, you lived and you loved and it didn’t work out, that person wasn’t worth your time in the first place and rather you realize it today or next year, you’re a better and stronger person because of everything that has happened!

In this last few months that my friend has gone through all this heartache she has transformed and is doing so much better! I can tell by talking to her and listening to her and seeing her that she has grown and is still growing and I love this so much, she didn’t let it get the best of her! I'm all about girl power and being strong and I look at her with a great respect because of how she handled this situation!

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  1. What a sad story and what a d-bag for cheating on her! I am one of the lucky ones as well and hearing stories like these makes me feel even luckier- no one should have to go through that but I am so glad she has grown because of it!


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