Monday, July 25, 2011

Happy Birthday To Me... Well Yesterday

So yesterday was my 30th birthday and I know this is an exaggeration but 30’s such a big number especially for someone just exiting their 20's so all day I kept waiting for some explosion, for a body part to fall off or to feel so memajor change but nothing happened. It was a typical day which was really all I wanted, a quiet relaxing none eventful Sunday! I read about 100 or so more pages of The Castaways’ which by the way I love, watched a few movies, ate a yummy dinner and took a few cat naps. It was perfect! I love for my Sunday’s to be calm and quiet, I use Friday and Saturday for my fun days, Sunday has always been relax day.

My family called and sang happy birthday to me in unison, it was so cute!! I could hear all the kids screaming into the phone “Happy Birthday To You” then a few text messages from my sister and my niece called later that evening to chat. She’s 10 going on 20 and since I’m her best friend, she constantly calls me like she would a classmate of hers to giggle about boys! I think it’s cute and am honored that she regards me so closely! Later that evening, a friend called and sang happy birthday to me and it was a perfect ending to a good day!

My husband bought me a new MacBook Air which is wonderful and for the first time in years he bought me a card and it was really sweet and made me smile! (History: he’s not very big on cards; I think I may have only received 5 in the entire time we’ve been together.) Anyway, I’m carrying the card around everywhere with me from now on!!

So there you have it, the big 30 (as my sister calls it) and it went off without any major catastrophe, I'm not sure if I'm happy about this or mortified that it will sneak up on me later!  

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