Monday, August 22, 2011

Books, Books and More Books On Fashion That Is!

I don’t know if your having the same economic crisis in your area that I am but this past summer about 4 bookstores around my area alone closed down so even though I was heart broken (yes, I love a good book store) I decided to take advantage and pick up some great deals. Here’s what I got today and last week.

My first book haul from Borders Going out of business sale!

My favorite so far is Are You A Jackie or a Marilyn? Timeless Lessons on Love, Power, and Style, and the second book; Fifty Shoes That Changed The World.

My second book haul - picked these cool books up today!

Anyways I recommend that if your bookstores are slashing prices, run in and get yourself some books to add to your home library.

Okay so I just stole this hilarious video from Tammy over at Lemons, Avacado's and The Bay, (great blog by the way)!

Check it out, its too funny!!

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