Saturday, August 27, 2011

Irene's Furry!

Took this photo yesterday afternoon at home.

Well readers, I’ve been watching the hurricane weather watch on CNN since yesterday at noon and it’s getting pretty bad for a lot of us out here on the eastern seaboard! I’m in Maryland, about 20 minutes outside of Annapolis and 10 minutes out of DC, both places are expected to get flooding so I really don’t know what might happen in out area. We on our way to Pittsburgh, PA which is safe ground so though we will be safe in body, when we get back on Sunday, we’re not sure what we’ll be coming back to!

DC's rainfall on Thursday afternoon.
They keep saying prepare for the worst but hope for the best, I honestly think that’s all anyone can do. So to all you out there who are going through this or who have family and friends who are in Irene’s path, just hope for the best, say a prayer or two and sit tight! On a positive note, the hurricane has been dropped to a category 2 down to a category 1.

I’ll probably be off line for the entire weekend and we’re expected to have a week long lost of power so I might be off for even longer but as soon as I can, I’ll check in and try to send some photos.
Driving home from work via DC.

Love, you all, take care all and keep reading!  

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  1. I am so very happy that you guys headed to PA. to safer ground. Hope you returned to find things were not too bad at home. Love you


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