Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Tasty Tuesday and A Bunch of Blog Hopping!

So I’ve spent a large portion of my morning visiting other blogger sites and checking out a lot of new and cool ideas on blogging. In doing so I ran across a lot of cool blogs that I hadn’t had time to visit and so I’m glad I decided to blog hop today!  

One think I cannot emphases enough or stress the importance that blog hopping can do for your blog readership and relationship building is! Of course you can join blog hopping sites and hope within the community but I like to think outside the box, though please don’t get me wrong, I am part of a few wonderful blog hopping group, one of my favorite is FTLOB’s. In fact today is Tasty Tuesday over there so I will be posting a yummy recipe below this entry. Being a member of FTLOB’s has really allowed me the opportunity to meet some other great blogger and build some great relationships with those bloggers so not only is blog hopping good, so is joining blog hopping sites! There are tons, just go out and look around a bit!

Now back to blog hopping; this morning between emails, phone calls and a meeting or two, I was able to do some long needed blog hopping around blog land. Believe me, you can get lost in there if you aren’t paying attention! There are literally thousands and thousands of blogs; you just need to shift through the bad to get to the good!
So after all my digging, I found some really great blogs that I want to share with you all! Check out these links below!

Then go take a look at my yummy recipe for Tuesday’s FTLOB blog hop! 

Caramel Apple Pie A La Mode Bites: 
For the recipe, visit: The Nifty Foodie

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  1. I love your Blog! I especially enjoyed peeking at your Project Do Me Page! I found you on BlogFrog...and hopped on over- especially love the pistures. Lts o Eye Candy! Very Sweet Site!
    Check me out at Beneath The Surface: Breath of Faith, nex ime you are hopping around! In His Grace,Dawn


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