Wednesday, August 17, 2011

I'm Going To The IFB NYC Conference on Sept 7th!

I’m really excited because I have finalized my trip to NYC in September! It's not just any trip, nope it’s for a blogger conference hosted through IFB in which I’m a member! There’s been so much buzz going on right now about this conference and being part of it is so exciting! Last year I was only able to watch the live feed from my desk and dream about going. Then this past Tuesday I found out there was going to be another one in September so I talked to my husband and though I feel he was a bit reluctant, he agreed to let me go!

Today I’ve been tweeting and talking to others who are also planning to attend mainly to get some ideas and its only making it that much more exciting! Last year 300 attendees were at the conference so I imagine there will be that much more this year. New bloggers pop up every 5 minutes and I'm sure some of them will be at this conference!

So I just finished booking my tickets from DC to NYC, only a 3 hour train ride and bought my ticket to the conference, then switched my schedule around with my co-worker and told my boss I’d be out of the office that day then breathed a sign of relief and a felt a tickle of excitement!

It's hard to explain just how important I hear attending these conference are, not only for networking but for learning how to better market your blog, build great content and get a higher readership, these are all things that I want, not to mention need for my blog and website to succeed! 

So I your going to the Independent Fashion Blogger NYC Conference this upcoming September,  give me a shout out and maybe I’ll see you there!

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