Saturday, October 8, 2011

Lucky Magazine & Dior Pretty Party

So if you’ve been following me on Twitter, watching my vlogs on YouTube or reading my website then you know that last night I was invited to a Lucky Magazine and Dior Pretty Party Girls Night out by the lovely Grace Croshaw! Grace was given the chance to host a Lucky Magazine Pretty Party in conjunction with Dior at Tyson’s Corner Bloomingdale’s and got to invite a few others to a night of special treatment and I was lucky enough to be one of the chosen few! I met a great group of girls including Ann, Lindsey, Stephanie and of course Grace who are all featured below in the pictures.

Look, that's me and the outfit I wore to the Pretty Party! Cute huh?
I was super excited about this event because I had never attended an event hosted by Lucky Magazine & Dior before though funny enough, I’ll be attending another Lucky Magazine event later this month so I guess when it rains, it pours!

So Back to the Pretty Party… I arrived at the Dior Make-up counter newly located in Bloomingdale’s and was greeted by lovely Dior Account Executive, Nasrin Sheibani.  As soon as all the girls arrived we were rushed off to our own private beauty area where we were offered the most delicious cupcakes from CakeLove (a local cupcake shop in DC).

Our Makeup guide for the night was world renowned Sheba Vignale who was fabulous at showing us the tips and tricks for a smoky eye look! She has been working for Dior for the last 17 years and travels all over the world teaching girls and women how to properly care for their skin and face. Not only were we given a complete make over but all the make-up artist let us practice so that we could do the look ourselves when were no longer had a professional doing our makeup! 
Grace getting her makeover done by Sheba Vignale
Me after I took all my makeup off, OMG, I can't believe I'm posting this!

Grace was our model who ended up looking like a beauty queen! Sheba introduced us to the full line of Dior facial products and let us sample each one. I was so amazed at how the cleaning products completely removed my makeup!

Lindsey & Ann gettin' all prettied up! I love Lindsey's hair color!
Some of the Dior product's that we used.

I had a wonderful time and learned some excellent makeup tips and even left with a bag full of Dior products! I was sold on the Dior Celebration Collection, which is a multi-look makeup palette that comes in a super cute carrying case. I also purchased the Dior Show Brow Styler Pen, which is like magic; it comes in only one color but conforms to any eyebrow color no matter what color it is. They used the same one on all of us and we all had different color brows but the Brow Styler somehow matched each one of your bows! AMAZING! The last product I left with was the Waterproof Eyeliner Crayon in Noir. Most of my current lines run and smear throughout the day but this one does not so I was happy to add it to my makeup collection!

Lindsey, Stephanie and Ann all getting/doing their smoky eye looks! 

So check out the pictures, don’t we all look so fabulous! Oh and did I mention that not only were we given makeovers, beauty tips and cupcakes but we were given a Dior Beauty makeup case, a Lucky Magazine and a Bloomingdale’s gift card worth $20.00 toward the purchase of any Dior product! What a great girls night out!

Me after my Dior Makeover, I look fab!

Doesn't Stephanie look amazing!

And here we all are: left to right: Me, Ann, Grace, Lindsey and Stephine

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  1. This looks like so much fun, its always great to learn new make up tricks and just have someone do your make up period! But I'm a bum when it comes to my make up so maybe thats why?

  2. omg, so jealous!!! Lucky mag is my fave. :)


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