Monday, August 13, 2012

VIdeo Monday and Inspiration of the Day

Happy Monday!

So most of you know that my blog focuses on things that inspire me in life! Today’s blog is about how God has worked in the lives of 2 young women! He changed the life of one model and through her tragedy; she clung to her faith and saw the good that God was bringing out of the pain! Then there is Gabby Douglas, Olympian Gold Medal Winner who openly professes her love for God!

I’m so excited to talk about 2 young girls who have been blessed so much by God and instead of doing what most people do with fame; they stayed strong in their faith and let God shine through them!
The first girl is a native to Virginia, Gabby Douglas who just participated and won the gold medal at the 2012 Olympics in London! She is also the first American gymnast to win the gold medal in the individual and team women’s all-around competitions at the same Olympics. Gabby is the first African-American woman to be the individual all-around champion! All I see here are blessings from God pouring into her life!

Our second inspirational story: Last year, model & author Lauren Scruggs walked into helicopter blade while it was still spinning. She lost her eye and one of her hands but through this pain, God proved he is a loving God and brought Lauren to where she is today, stronger than ever in her faith!
Lauren continues to see life as an inspiration; she is a fashion blogger and recently wrote her first novel.
Girls, if you want a role model, both these girls are defiantly at the top of my list!
Watch the video of her first interview since the accident.

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