Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Blog-Linking Our Way To The Top...

I’m pretty excited to announce that my site has been featured and linked to 2 other sites! For me and the rest of the CG staff this is great news and I wanted to give a big shout out to these sites because they deserve it and we’re all here for the same propose and with the same goal in mind. We just happen to be taking different routes to get there! So without further ado:

The first site that linked us was The Budget Fashionista - listed under her top fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogs

The second blog that has featured my site is Daisy Mae PR – listed in the Daisy Daily

I’m very happy to have these wonderful sites who realize that publicity in any form helps any business and/or site!
All our staff here is working hard to make a mark in the writing world and when The Budget Fashionista and Daisy Mae PR step in and do something this terrific, it defiantly puts smiles on all our faces!

A big “THANK YOU” from the staff at City Girl Chronicles!!

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