Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Bustin' Loose...

Well, it’s been crazy busy around here lately and I’m playing with the idea of going solo thanks to the suggestion of one of my esteemed writers, Chrystal Rose who recently (just yesterday) decided to go solo. Check out her site:

She inspired me with encouraging words by saying, “When you do things yourself, you get to have it the way you like”, and to be honest sometimes it's just a bit easier for everyone! I’m so grateful for all my writing staff and they have helped to build the site but it’s really not easy getting everyone on the same page all the time.  So like the Destiny’s Child I might do a Beyonce and go solo but right now it’s just an idea that I’m playing with, it’s not written in stone... yet!

I know the site is helping some of us with publicity and to further our writing careers and I’ve always been one to help out a fellow writer so it’s a tough decision, I want to help others but at the same time I wonder if it not better for me to go solo, I guess time will tell…

Stay tuned to find out the rest of the story!

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