Thursday, October 21, 2010

Strolling Through New York Via The Web...

Ahhh...I can breath a sigh of relief as I post my second and hopefully final story for today (though I have a sinking feeling, it just might not be). In total, I have spent about 5 hours, wait maybe it was more like 7 hours (a few last night and a few more this morning) reviewing and researching for my latest stories, (E.D.E.'s of NYC and Hot Off The Press with A. Blum) Both stories showcase designers/artists based in NYC. 

After I posted each story, I took the time to contact both E.D.E's Ellen Eichel and Eros film writer Andrew Blum to inform them that I had ran an article on my site covering their work. The best part in my opinion was that both actually took the time to reply back and thank me! What does it say about our society when we are surprised that people thank us for things we've done? I'm very proud of my stories and believe that both Ellen and Andrew deserved the mentions for their wonderful work.

I have a few more interviews and designer coverage scheduled for later this month and I'm so looking forward to it, if not only to meet/speak with the designers themselves but to learn more about their products. Yeah, I’d classify myself as an information “whore” or does "junky" sound any better? IDK, anyway, I lap info up like a kitten drinks fresh milk! I also like to be an individual and want to stand out in the writing industry, anyone can write about Betsy Johnson’s latest handbag but how many people are featuring E.D.E. on their site or covering a film festival and the film writes inspiration? Hmmmm...  can only think of one!!
Okay, break time! I need some chocolate reinforcements!

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