Sunday, October 17, 2010

My Passion For Writing...

Hey all, its been a few days since I last posted a blog but you can see from the site that I have been super busy updating the content so that's pretty much taking up all my blogging time! Anyway, yesterday I wrote this in an email and then decided that it was actually blogworthy so I'm making it my new blog!
I love writing, always have and I take it very seriously and have a great passion for it. I'm always thinking of new ideas and taking notes, I carry a journal around to jot down all my random thoughts/ideas and topics. I tell everyone I can about the site and ask for their opinions, I read fashion/beauty magazines and go to similar sites to get ideas. I'm in the bookstore in my free time and hitting up the malls with my camera to get ideas on the latest trends and hottest new gadgets out there. I made 200 business cards in Vista prints for about $6 bucks, the cards say I'm a writer for CG Chronicles and I take them with me when I go out.  I've actually gotten free products from some stores and founds it's easier to interview people because with business cards you really do look like a legit writer ... This might all seem crazy to you but I think that people who love to write have a mind-set like this.  I know the site isn't a huge deal and we're not talking about rocket science but I've always been an opportunist and I look at every situation as a stepping stone to get me somewhere else in life, somewhere better. I know that eventually I want to be a professional writer but I have to start somewhere and that's why I built the site.

Yes, this is all true, I'm a writing fanatic! I love it and sometimes wake up out of my sleep with crazy ideas and then their gone before I had time to write them down, I hate that the most but hey, what can you do?

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