Monday, October 11, 2010

Note To Our Readers

Note To Our Readers:
I wanted to address a few things with our readers. First and foremost, thank you for taking the time to stop by and check us out, we love you all for that! Our site is fairly new (just went live about 2 weeks ago) and all the staff is working very hard to get more content added as quickly as possible so bear with us in this process.
Secondly, though we are called City Girl Chronicles, we are in no way trying to exclude the male demographics; quite the opposite in fact, we would love to hear from the men and there is always room for new writers on our staff (check out the Join Our Staff link). It just so happens that at the moment all the staff is female! 
Lastly, each CG Chronicle writer is here to make a name and showcase their work, we are not professional writers but we DO love to write and enjoy what we do.  Keep in mind that each individual writer is writing, researching, editing, and promoting their own work, therefore mistakes are bound to be made.  Again please bear with us and by all means, if you see minor mistakes, leave a comment and we would be happy to correct it (check out the Guest book or Contact Us link to leave a comment).

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