Tuesday, June 7, 2011

It's All About The Passion Baby...

So today I was sorta remind in a subtle way that to keep readers interested, I need to update my site on a regular basis so here I am updating you on my life!

So what’s new? Well... If I had to give this past week a theme it would be a theme of "Completing and Finishing" things. As mentioned in a previous post, I took a Microsoft Office Specialist training class and pass that exam! My certificate arrived in the mail last weekend and I have it posted in our homeoffice. Go me, go me!! Whoop, whoop.. (my victory song). 

Secondly, I completed my Weight Watchers meetings as of today, 16 meetings under my belt and 23 pounds lighter. It was 25 but I think I gained a bit of water weight this week.No worries, I'll drop it like a bad friend in no time!

Also last week was my final CASA training class and I am now officially a "Court Appointed Special Advocate" for children and teens in the foster care system. I think I may be assigned to case involving human trafficking. I think I can make a difference in someone’s life no matter who it is. I really don’t care about the circumstances surrounding them I just really want to help. So I'll get my case in about 2 weeks.

I have one more week of classes for this session and then it’s on to the next. I can’t wait until graduation, yeah, yeah I know, I still have about a year to go but honestly that year will fly by, they always do! Then it's cap and gown, here I come!! I think I'll be the happiest Grad crossing the stage!

Also I found this really great position at my current company and am hoping to be able to apply. I’ll meet with the hiring manager later this week to chat about what the job is all about, I’m just really ready to make a move out of my current department and all the drama that has been brewing over the past 2-3 years! I'm a very drama-free person and don't like to be in the middle and really that's all that has been happening.. I'm so over all of it!  (I’ll keep you posted on the job).
So what else is new, oh I made these super yummy samosa’s for dinner and they were pretty low fat as well and only took about 15 minutes to make.  I’ll post the recipe under the Chew On This tab so go check it out!
So there you have it, a lil update on my life! Don’t forget to check out the recipe here.

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  1. The CASA position sounds very interesting.
    It only takes one person to make a difference in someones life--you are so right about that!

    Stopping by from FTLOB's get fit post today! Way to go on your weight loss!

  2. Your life sounds nonstop and exciting, let the good in and take a moment to enjoy it.


  3. Jealous your life sounds almost as exciting as Holly Golightlys! I used to lead a glam life as as a superyacht stewardess but now am writing my memoirs and am at home with my daughter. Following you from Thirsty Thursday!


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