Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Meet Coco!

If you've been following along to my blog posts, you've all probably heard me mention my sweet but very opinionated pup Coco. Well, I’ve decided to dedicate this lil blog entry to her.  So without further ado, Meet my baby Coco, a 4 year old Scottie! And don't forget to hop back over to FTLOB's to meet some other great pets out there in bloggy-land!

Coco's Life In Photos:

Coco sitting next to my husbands work bag

Coco & Gabe, She really loved hanging out with him!

Coco in her Halloween costume (dressed as a witch)

Coco just being Coco...

Coco refusing to kiss Flat Christina
Finally she gave in and kissed her hand!

Sleeping in her favorite rocking chair

Sleeping in the hotel during Hurricane Irene

She wasn't too happy that I kept taking her photo!
I hope you enjoyed getting to know Coco a lil bit better! She's such a cutie and has a wonderful personality and spirit! 

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  1. Your dog is so precious! And I love her Halloween costume. I'm still trying to figure out a costume for my little one.

    Visiting from FTLOB. Hope you're having a beautiful day!


  2. Your dog is such a sweetie! Love your pictures.


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