Friday, September 2, 2011

Did Someone Say "Fashion?"

This week’s theme is all about fashion and all the glitz that comes along with it!
As you all may or may not be aware, I live near the DC area and lately we’ve been hit hard by Mother Nature.  But the good news is that everything we've gone through these past few weeks is over and done with and in the process has made us stronger (Earthquake and Hurricane Irene) and though some of you West Coasters may snicker at our lil ole 5.9 earthquake, we just shake your laughter off and keep it moving, that’s the DMV (DC, Maryland, Virginia) way!

Although these natural disasters may have put a temporary damper on our spirits and forced us to reschedule some very important events, but now we have Labor Day weekend fast approaching so we can relax and put all this behind us!

So now, and DMV fashionistas you may want to pay close attention to this because we have some great things to look forward to this month like Fashion’s Night Out happening on September 8th and lets not forget the big event that I’ve had my fingers crossed to attend for months, DC Fashion Week on September 19 – 25th.

I love fashion and I love creating great outfits to wear each day to work, you can actually see some of them posted on Pose so as you can imagine, I love the month of September here in the DMV! I also know a few other bloggers who are planning to attend the Independent Fashion Blogger NYC Conference next week so there is so much going on right now for fashion bloggers and fashionistas not only in the DMV but also all up and down the East Coast so take that Irene!

Oh by the way, I just received my new blogger business cards in the mail, which I believe every serious blogger should have. I’m definitely talking them with me to the IFB conference next week!

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  1. Those are gorgeous cards. And we felt the earthquake all the way in Ontario, Canada - I thought I was having some kind of medical issue at the tender age of 32 until I discovered everyone else felt it too!

  2. Those cards are beautiful, jealous!


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