Tuesday, September 6, 2011

T - Minus 17 hours Until The IFB Confrence!

Tomorrows the big day and I can hardly wait!! It’s the IFBConference that I’ve been blogging about all month! I’m working my but off today at the office since I will be out for the next few days at the conference and then to recoup from the trip and re-blog my trip! 

You have no idea how excited I am! The only down side is I have to leave the house by 3:00am to make my 4:00am train! That’s crazy but totally worth it to me! I’ll have tons of pictures and will be streaming from my blog for those of you who can’t make it so please check it out!!

What I’m I looking forward to the most? Well I’m really excited to hear Joe Zee present; I’ve seen him on The City and love his since of style and personality!!

After I leave work I’m headed home to charge my batteries in my camera and Mac Book, and pick out the perfect outfit!! It’s defiantly going to rain so I have to make sure I’m in something warm but super cute! I know just the place for in expensive and cute gear, Forever 21!

I’ll post my F21 haul when I get home tonight and Pose my outfit for the big event!

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  1. hi there! i just found your blog and the design is so cute! looking forward to following you!


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