Monday, September 5, 2011

Fall Shoe Haul...

Happy Labor Day to all of you in Bloggy-Land and not only is it Labor Day but it's Magical Monday over at FTLOB's so if your linking up, I might just be swinging by your blog later today! Click in the button to the right to hop around and meet some great bloggers!

This week calls an official end of summer and for my office it means no more summer casual outfits but instead means I need to be spending this long weekend rearranging my closet and unpacking my fall/winter gear. I took one look at my closet and decided to go show shopping instead! Since out office dress code policy calls for no more open toed shoes, I need to find some fashionable looks that are in for this season.

One major trend that I’ve noticed carrying over from last year is the ankle bootie. I wore these last year and while on my shoe shopping adventure today, picked up a pair for this year! Check out my labor day show haul!

So along with shoes, I have some other great styles and looks here for anyone else who is going back to business office attire later this month. Goodbye summer, I’ll truly miss you!

Guess open ankle booties

Mar-ket Vintage inspired ankle booties 

Black boots

Brown knee boots -Madden Girl

These are four new pair of fall boots that I snagged this weekend! Some for work and some for fun! I plan to wear the Guess pair to the IFB conference on Wednesday. Well goodbye summer, I’ll truly miss you! 

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