Thursday, October 20, 2011

Who Loves Fall Boot Looks!

I love fall for so many different reasons but one of my favorites is because in the Fall I get to pull out some of my favorite boots and dress up my jeans with a great boot look!  Normally I try to pick out my work outfits at night because I’m a Type A person who cannot stand to be rushing around in the morning not knowing what I’m wearing and if you’ve seen my closet you’d know that I have so many clothes that if I don’t make sure it’s there the night before, I night end up being 2 hours late for work just looking for it! 
So last night I had 2 outfits in mind for work today it something told me to go with the boot look and I’m so glad I did because when I got here another girl had on a similar look to the second outfit I was considering and I HATE when other people look like me so I’m pleased with my outfit today!
Today I’m wearing brownish orange cardigan sweater with a black skirt that has orange-ish gold specks and a brown belt with a gold buckle and brown boots so I decided to do a Fall boot trend post! 


                                             This first look is 1 dress, 3 different looks: 
I love how boots can take your look in different directions.

This next look is a really colorful and is great for anyone who likes to wear colorful stalkings with boots

These next 2 looks just display different looks you can wear with boots.
There are really so many different looks! Be creative!  
There are really so many different looks! Be creative!  

Okay ladies, You may be wondering about this next look but in all honestly, these boots are super edgy and giver your outfits a touch of personality! 


And these last looks are just a few more boot looks that I love! 

Booties or ankle boots: 
Colorful looks to brighten any outfit!
Boots with a skirt or dress, super cute!

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  1. Oh, I love, love, love boots! One of my favorite things about Fall!
    ~Christina @

  2. Your blog is too cute! I love boots, fav part about fall!

  3. Hi! I stumbled upon your blog and you are my kind of gal...I am your newest follower :) Love the boots. I am trying to add more color to my wardrobe.

    Please come by and follow me at if you get a chance.


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